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America’s natural beauty is disappearing right before our eyes. Land trusts such as River Fields are protecting the best before it’s too late.

Since our founding over 57 years ago, River Fields has worked successfully with landowners and supporters to preserve thousands of acres of beautiful open space, productive farms, diverse woodlands and unique wetlands along the Ohio River Corridor and Watershed.

We own 13 river corridor properties outright, totaling over 65 acres. We’ve identified these properties as critical to protect the region’s natural, cultural and historic landscape. Our largest property, Garvin Brown Preserve, is open to the public every day from dawn to dusk.

In addition, we hold conservation easements that restrict the development rights to 17 additional properties in metro Louisville and surrounding counties. These easements protect more than 2,172 acres of land that is important to the public, including sensitive wetlands and watersheds, beautiful scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, historical properties and landscapes, and working farms.

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