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Donate Your Land Or Easement

Steps To An Easement

There are many different ways for a landowner to conserve his/her property. River Fields can help every landowner explore the options and assist them in meeting their goals. If River Fields is unable to meet a landowner’s specific needs, we can often point him/her to another entity that may be able to assist the landowner.

These “steps” are general guidelines on the process for donating a conservation easement donation.

  1. A River Fields representative tours the property.
  2. The Landowner and River Fields discuss the restrictions of an easement.
  3. The Landowner consults with advisors.
  4. River Fields reviews the project.
  5. The Landowner signs an Engagement Letter.
  6. River Fields obtains title information.
  7. The Landowner obtains a qualified appraisal.
  8. River Fields compiles a baseline documentation report of the property.
  9. The Landowner obtains mortgage subordination.
  10. River Fields drafts the conservation easement.
  11. River Fields calculates the stewardship endowments.
  12. River Fields formally agrees to accept the easement.
  13. The Landowner and River Fields sign and record the easement.
  14. River Fields begins stewardship of the conservation easement.

Please contact the River Fields office to learn more about specific steps to conserve land.

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